King Lingam rules

History and meaning of the Phallus


We know the cultic worshipping of the Lingam from many old cultures and traditions.
Stone carvings, sculptures, figures, buildings from many places around the world give prove of the cultic meaning of the Phallus.

The Phallus was far more than a symbol of fertility. It symbolized power, male strength and sexuality.

Not only the Phallus was being worshipped, but also the Yoni (Vagina) – as well as the union of male and female, sexuality as the strongest form of life force.

Over the centuries sexuality was very much devalued and made a taboo. This came along with the devaluation of the woman as a carrier for sexual knowledge. In connection with this historical development the Phallus too was not worshipped anymore.

Nevertheless still today through the cultivation of his own lust, the development of his qualities as a lover, the loving exploration of his Lingam every man finds an entrance into his original, natural male strength and power.

We Dakini-women are continuing the ancient traditions of the honouring and worship of sexuality and sensuality and invite you to an experience of extraordinary pleasure.